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B.O.C. Interest Rate announcement.

Originally posted on: May 24, 2017
Last updated on: May 24, 2017
Filed under: bank of canada interest rates
Bank of Canada makes interest rate announcement by The Canadian Press. 24 May 2017 ...

Why Homebuyers should work with an Agent

Originally posted on: May 18, 2017
Last updated on: May 18, 2017
Filed under: home buyers working with an agent
5 REASONS MOST HOMEBUYERS CHOOSE TO WORK WITH AN AGENT In most cases, your home is your most valuable asset, and it makes sense to ...

Basic Home Improvements part 3

Originally posted on: May 10, 2017
Last updated on: May 10, 2017
Filed under: home improvements renovations
Home Improvements that boost the value of your Home! Homeowners remodel their homes for a number of reasons, but one of the most ...

A Change in the Real Estate Market!

Originally posted on: May 3, 2017
Last updated on: May 3, 2017
Filed under: real estate market home sales
Sales fall, listings up in Toronto 03 May 2017 ...

Basic Home Improvements that save you money! Part 2

Originally posted on: May 2, 2017
Last updated on: May 2, 2017
Filed under: home improvements energy
Energy Canadians use an average of 105 gigajoules of energy per household.3 While you may have already switched to compact fluorescent light ...

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